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Stand Up For Your Feet

50% of women are affected by bunions — unfortunate bumps that form around the big toe and get worse with time. My team set forth to make a taboo topic accessible, shareable, and beautiful.
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Our target — NYC women aged 45-60 — was under-informed, terrified of their friends' surgery horror story, and frankly, grossed out. There was no welcoming, objective place to learn about causes, treatments, and long term solutions.
Break 50
Our goal was to speak to women in a way that was empowering and thoughtful. "Bunions are genetic. The bottom line is, they’re not your fault." — we took a very clear position.
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Our tone was coupled with clean, intuitive design that spoke the language of fashion — and a promise we made at the door, no ugly foot photos!
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We distilled our brand promise into a unifying call to action: Stand Up For Your Feet.
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