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no jugdement zone

How do you convince picky millennial parents, busy college students, and seen-it-all retirees to travel to a town without fancy hotels, tropical beaches, or a rich heritage? You solve a universal problem: a no-judgment zone for people who need a break. We concepted contextual OOH ads in stress-zones like airports, traffic, and trains, and digitally around tax-season and holidays. Our brand voice was clever and always judgment-free. Our photography focused on real people who were able to let go of the drama and enjoy some vitamin sea.
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I worked closely with our brand strategist to allow consumer insights to inform the creative process. We began with identifying our target and their need states, focusing on a mindset rather than location or age. Next, we bridged our audience’s needs with an ownable brand positioning: Your type of break, when you need it.
Break 50
Armed with a strong platform, I dove into creative with media strategy in mind, developing trigger-based advertising that approached consumers when they needed a break most.
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