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Mandara is a young leader in derivatives trading, an expert in exploiting market inefficiencies and embracing risk. The Mandara personality is inventive, ambitious, and cutting edge, but its branding and user experience was not. Mandara approached Mission to rethink their identity and develop a web redesign that reflects their brand DNA and attracts new talent.
We used the brand DNA to guide our initial exploration.
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The abstracted M, which gave a nod to performance (sharp returns), precision (razor thin lines), and professionalism (reminiscent of a striped suit) was the standout. We went on to refine and simplify it.
Logotype final10
We created a system for optimizing the brand assets across mediums.
Logo lockups3
The art direction for the photography used in digital is architectural and abstract. Black and white images with high sharpness, contrast, and leading lines are used to reflect the innovative, slick, and cutting edge personality of Mandara.
Mandara photography4
The color palette is monochrome with a saturated Mandarin to act as a highlighter.
The digital experience is sleek and focused. The core goal of the site is to attract young talent so we led with the brand's vision and goals, followed by the attributes of applicants it was looking to retain. We created an intuitive interface for searching job opportunities and applying in a few clicks.